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Campus Research Introduction

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Imagine a library with the capabilities to...

Enhance the University of Oklahoma's status as a top research institution to such a degree that it helps attract new businesses to Oklahoma that thrive around centers of creativity and research, while stimulating economic growth.

Classically support researchers with resource materials, and actively partner in the research process by building digital collections and creating new methods of interacting with this content..

Help faculty interact with, organize and manage data as required by federally funded grants.

OU Libraries is poised to play a pivotal role in the production of knowledge - becoming 21st-century disseminators of knowledge.

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Campus Research Innitiatives

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Supporting OU Campus research begins by:

Establishing a Digital Scholarship Lab

The digital scholarship lab will support research in the humanities and social sciences by facilitating the visualization and analysis of data.

It will contain geo-spatial information resources, an electronic data center, and data management services.

The completed digital scholarship lab will be an intellectual magnet for interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary exchange and collaboration.

Facilitating Data Curation and Preservation

Preservation has always been a unique library responsibility. Just as libraries have curated and preserved historical print collections, today we must curate digital materials and datasets for long-term use.

Building Collaborative Partnerships

OU Libraries will partner with the Office of the Vice President for Research, OU IT, and other university units to support campus research initiatives, including the creation of data management plans that appropriately address the challenges of preserving research data.

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Learn more about SHAREOK, the Libraries' institutional repository:

SHAREOK is the new joint institutional repository shared by the University of Oklahoma Libraries (OU) and Oklahoma State University Libraries (OSU). It serves as the home for the intellectual output of both communities, and will ultimately include digital dissertations, faculty publications, digital special collections, open access publications, open educational resources and much more.

SHAREOK will give faculty a persistent URL for works they submit to the repository that will not break if a server gets moved or changed. It will allow others to reach your material without error. Materials will be indexed in major search engines, thus increasing use and possible citation. If you would like to place your works in the institutional repository, please read the Policies and Guidelines document and then contact your library.

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