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Library Experience Intro

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Imagine a library experience that is...

A synergistic blend of interactive learning labs, collaborative workplaces, information and data centers, and a center for community programs and exhibits.

Enhanced with library content, human expertise and enabling technologies, that provides a comprehensive, hands-on and interactive learning experience for students.

Designed to enhance learning with online resources so professors can teach in dynamic ways, such as integrating an interactive online exhibit or using the Libraries' video conferencing capabilities to set up a mock debate with other institutions.

This is the experience we are striving for at OU Libraries.

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Transforming the library experience begins by: 

Envisioning a Master Renovation Plan

The Master Renovation Plan is a comprehensive plan for facility improvements and capital investments to support current and future library needs.

These renovations bring the library into the everyday lives of students and faculty, while providing the capability to support an evolving agenda of academic and public initiatives.

Establishing a Collaborative Learning Center

The revitalized Lower Level 1 Neustadt wing supports and enhances active learning and collaborative group work.

This space would allow students to work on group projects, utilize geo-spatial tools, edit video for a class, analyze data in the humanities in ways never before possible, or simply sit down for coffee with friends.

Enhancing Information Discovery

Transforming the virtual experience involves upgrading our information discovery system to acquire the next generation of systems that integrate library discovery, the next generation system will integrate the delivery of content across the OU enterprise and support personalization as well as collaborative content creation.

Library Experience Example Discovery

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Learn more about the Libraries' new discovery system tool


The new discovery platform at University of Oklahoma Libraries searches across databases, our catalog, and web resources to provide seamless discovery of a majority of our resources in a single search. In the center of the Libraries' website, you will see a search box labeled Discover! used for finding articles, books, newspaper articles, and reviews. It also provides recommendations for similar materials, provides enhanced options for refining your search results, and gives you improved access to open access materials and institutional repositories.

To try the new system, visit: Discover! @ OU Libraries.

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